Health and Wellness Tourism is focused on medical activities but also includes caring for body and mind.

If you are looking for a place where you can take care of your health and wellness here’s a few destinations you can include in your itinerary in Brazil.

According to the Brazilian Association of Health Tourism (ABRATUS), Brazil is a highly differentiated destination in quality of treatment, technology and solutions applied to health . There are several hospitals with international certifications in Brazil and with a highly complex structure, as well as an excellent clinical staff.

São Paulo stands out in the country when it comes to health structure and services, being one of the biggest health center in the world. The city has over 100 hospitals and numerous clinics that cater to various specialties, hundreds of labs and sophisticated spas.

Recife, the capital of Pernambuco, is the second most sought after destination in Brazil when it comes to Health Tourism, losing only for São Paulo. Then, a cluster was built to receive tourists from the segment. It is called Pernambuco Healthcare and it has high quality hospitals with international certifications, bilingual professionals, research central, new technologies and a straight connection with Europe, Africa and the United States.

Others state capital’s like Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Curitiba already began to appear on the medical destination’s.

Brazil is also a good destination for people seeking natural treatments like thermal baths. There are about 147 spas and other similar places in the country, most notably the resorts of Rio Quente and Caldas Novas, in Goiás. There you can find water parks and hotels with naturally heated pools and places close to nature.

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