About Us

About us

Way to Go Brasil have been launched as a company in 2002 and it was born from the desire of making traveling in Brazil become a natural experience for the foreign clients.

Nowadays it is located at UniOffice, a modern and innovative coworking space in Rio de Janeiro, getting along with the new operating style that seeks for fresh interactive products to enchant the clients and allow them to live tourism in a different way.

Way to Go Brasil means you can always find the best way to go and explore this beautiful country. If you want to discover the best unexplored neighborhoods in Brazil as a local would do, this is your way to go.

Our goal is to make every travel agent we work with feel unique and welcomed by receiving them and their group of guests the best way possible in Rio de Janeiro or anywhere else in Brazil.

We guide our clients and their guests to have the best travel experience and gather memories for life.



Tourismologist and entrepreneur, Marcia works in the Tourism industry since 1984. Currently attending the MBA in Service Management at UFF – Universidade Federal Fluminense and doing Mandarin course, she works at Way to go Brasil from the very beginning, in 2002. In 2007 she became a partner in the company and continues nowadays along with Rodrigo Gusmão.

Marcia is familiarized with the international market as she has been working with travel agencies from all around the world with FITs, Groups, Incentives and Events. She participated in Tourism Fairs and visited clients in Thailand, Philippines, China, Norway and Sweden. Expert in tourism, she is also the responsible for receiving the guests. Our clients always refer to her as happy, ready to help, nice and trustworthy.

Along with the MBA studies, Marcia is constantly pursuing knowledge in order to increase her professional skills so she can keep being the super manager in the company.


Rodrigo Gusmão is graduating in Nutrition at UNIRIO – Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. The purpose of his career is to promote health in order to improve people’s quality of life.

Rodrigo sees Tourism as an activity based on experience and believe local cuisine helps in this cultural immersion, assisting the tourists to live a richer and deeper experience, connecting with traditions and feelings never experienced before.

In the near future, Rodrigo will be our expert in Gastronomic Experiences leading our  clients to taste the very best of Brazilian cuisine and traditional dishes as he takes care of the nuances from the sociocultural aspects of eating.

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